The Squint

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Cinco de Maisy

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Everyone else (in America, at least) may be celebrating this day with Coronas and lime or margaritas and chips and salsa, but it’s near and dear to my heart for another reason besides delicious Mexican fare. My favorite furball became my favorite furball on this day 5 whole years ago.

From then…

maisy canopy





….to now…



She’s been a terror and a joy and an early-morning wakeup call and a companion to keep me from feeling too lonely. And, apparently, she’s also grown into a big ol’ sleeper, or that’s the only time I can get photos of her. We have our routines and I can’t imagine my days without her company. So, here’s to Maisy! Raise your glasses as she enjoys a special tuna treat in her own honor.

Too Quiet

January 7, 2014 § Leave a comment

It’s been a time of upheaval at my little apartment. The start of the new year has already brought some loss. My sweet roommate’s feline, Neko, left us too quickly after a bout of illness, one which we won’t truly ever know the full extent of. He was a cuddler, a fevered chaser of laser lights and strings, a talker when his food bowl wasn’t completely full, and a long-suffering playmate to my moody Maisy. Doerun had him for almost 7 years and could paint a much fuller picture of him than I, but for my part, I loved him and enjoyed his company, his cuddles, and his colorful antics. Like when the neighborhood cats would come hang out on our windowsill or Doerun and I wouldn’t get up when he and Maisy wanted to be let out. He is, he will be, missed. IMG_4236




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