The 2nd most wonderful time of the year

February 7, 2016 § Leave a comment

Every year, I get excited when my birthday comes around. Those who know me know this is true. I credit my mom for instilling in me a love of the auspicious day. She always made it special, whether sneaking in my room while I slept to festoon it with pink and purple streamers or hiding notes and, one year, a necklace in my breakfast napkin. She sends flowers, makes the current variation on my favorite yellow cake with chocolate icing, picks out the most poignant cards, and showers me with her love. Though I may not annoy people with a 10-day email countdown to January 18th any more, I do still enjoy my birthday month. This year felt especially sweet. Texts and calls and cards from friends flooded the day. My office friends and I shared a delicious lunch together to mark mine and a coworker’s birthday, too. I spent the long MLK weekend at my parents’, working on a shelf project I’d requested from my dad and doing a little bit of shopping with mom (boots! a new pair of jeans!). As luck would also have it, my good friend Susan was in town on the holiday, and we got to share in a 3-hour long meal and some welcome catching up. Because my brother took himself off to Utah to ski on my actual birthday, that just meant that another birthday celebration awaited. Last weekend, he and my parents came to visit, and we spent the whole day together: trying out a new fried chicken spot, driving up to a local overlook where I knew an ice cream sandwich purveyor would be, and generally rambling around downtown Birmingham and Railroad Park before it was time to eat again. The day was beautifully blue and sunny, unseasonably warm. IMG_8154Big Spoon sandwichesIMG_8197

I felt so blessed by their visit, and I mean that in the least hashtag-fake way. I have been blessed to have such family and such support from them.  We enjoy being together, and I thank God for the gift that is. We’ve been through much together, as all families have, and I’m sure life will continue to bring challenges our way. But, by God’s grace, we are close now, both geographically and relationally. Lately, when I’ve felt alone in the world, I am reminded that I’m not. Times like birthdays are good reminders to carry with me.


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