Long on Fun

May 26, 2015 § Leave a comment

Weekends are great. Often, weekdays/nights can be too. A Wednesday surprises you with dinner with friends. You can take yourself to the early movie on Tuesday to get the cheap (a.k.a. normal priced) fountain drink. Sometimes you meet a friend for scones on Monday morning. But, weekends. The unfettered time stretching out before you as an actual oasis, not a mirage. Long weekends, that rare breed of 2 days+ to do your own bidding, are welcome indeed.

My mom and I drove to Huntsville this past weekend for many reasons: to see my cousin graduate high school, to visit my brother, to take my Grannie out to lunch for an early birthday outing, and just generally enjoy being out of the routine. Work and under-the-weatherness kept my dad at home, sadly, or we would’ve hiked something, to be sure. We stopped by the Huntsville Botanical Garden on Saturday to explore the Lego sculptures on display. I’m often bowled over by any form of artistic expression, and these Lego sculptures by Sean Kenney provoked the same reaction. Such time and attention to detail and planning these obviously took and patience working with Legos…which are tiny! There were lily pads, a rose, a dragonfly, a life-size gardener, a butterfly, a bison, and more. It was the kind of day so beautifully sunny and breezy that it eclipses all memory of days where the weather isn’t so fine. IMG_6844IMG_6857IMG_6860IMG_6841When we weren’t eating, we played Carcassonne and saw the second Avengers movie and slept in. Times like these remind me of when my brother and I were younger and lived at home and did things together all the time. Growing up and moving out are a natural progression of life, but I do find myself wistful for those days when all 4 of us were under the same roof. The wistfulness coexists with the gratefulness for such a family that desires to spend any amount of time together.


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