Breaking Bread

April 13, 2015 § Leave a comment

Or biscuits. Biscuits count, right? IMG_6626I took these Herb Goat Cheese Drop Biscuits (inspired by Joy the Baker, of course) to a brunch/lunch with my small group on Easter Sunday. Out of context, “small group” has very little meaning. Sometimes churches call them community groups or home groups. These names are good attempts to categorize something that’s not Sunday School and isn’t a prayer meeting. But they don’t quite capture what they become.

I have been in some church groups that were more formal Bible studies. Some were all female and usually ended up being about singleness, let’s be honest. This particular group at this particular church has morphed some in the last year or so. Besides the 2 couples who lead, most of the rest of us have only been going to the church for a little over a year. When we were all put together in this group, we barely knew each other. In some ways, we still don’t. But we keep coming back every week to talk about the week’s sermon, our struggles and frustrations, our doubts, even. We’ve begun to open up more and more and grown more comfortable with each other. To someone looking in on our meetings, we look pretty homogeneous: white men and women in their 20s and 30s. In quite a few ways we are much alike, but I’m regularly surprised by and grateful for the differences that arise. We might not have chosen each other as a group to be a part of, and yet I think that is a strength and a blessing. We may struggle to communicate or relate or understand where each member is coming from, but we are committed to work in that direction. We’ve laughed together at ridiculous trivia, and cried together at the loss of loved ones or confusing news after our little group’s first baby member was born. Theological debates get just as much airtime as the sharing of our hearts. Listening to and being listened to each week, on Thursdays, has connected us.


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