Apple Slump

January 11, 2015 § Leave a comment

I won’t call it a resolution, because I already endeavor to try new recipes on a regular basis. As my folder of clippings and copies grows and my website bookmarks increase in number, I felt it was time to commit to actually attempting a new recipe once a week. Once a week doesn’t sound too daunting, just 1 day out of 7. Since I already like trying new things in the kitchen, it’s a win-win. A good reason to try a new dessert occurred yesterday when I was planning to gather with friends to watch Little Women. We had the idea, but not the time, before Christmas. But, the movie itself is so perfect in all its images and emotions, I’ll watch it any time of year. Who doesn’t want to extend the coziness and goodwill of the holidays that the 1994 version so exquisitely captures?

You may laugh, but I set out to find a dessert that would fit the theme, and I didn’t have to look far. An Apple Slump was evidently a much-enjoyed dessert of the Alcott family. The name tickled my curiosity as well, as I’ve heard of desserts with these descriptive onomatopoeic names like grunt and buckle before. It came together so simply and made cinnamon and nutmeg aromas waft through my whole apartment, like I lived temporarily inside an apple pie. It was a hit. It’s basically stewed apples on the bottom and a pillowy, crumbly crust topping like a cross between a biscuit and cornbread, oddly enough. (There’s no cornmeal.). You could make this with any fruit, I’m guessing, but this apple slump paired with our movie and some of my friend Sharon’s homemade cider were the ideal combination for a wintry January night.

apple slump


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