September 2, 2014 § Leave a comment



While I get it, I don’t particularly like the sentiment of “living for the weekend” and its implication that the week is an obstacle, what we do during the days that don’t start with “S” are just to be pushed through to get to the better stuff. I do relish unfettered time, not having to wake up to an alarm, being away from a computer screen, etc. I know the sigh of relief when Friday afternoon gets to a certain time on the clock, and I also know the sigh of a different kind on Sunday night. It’s there and it’s real, but it makes me want to try to create, if you will, some weekend during the week-in. Surely, there is much life to be lived and ways to restore ourselves even during and around the 9 to 5. All that said, weekends are definitely welcome and long ones, especially so.

My brother and I took advantage of the extra day to visit our parents and generally relax and enjoy each others’ company. We played our favorite board game Carcassonne, made homemade pizza and cream cheese ice cream and a skillet cookie and ginger syrup that didn’t quite make the from-scratch ginger ale of my dreams, watched movies we’d seen and some we hadn’t and football (of course). We laughed, we lounged, we lingered. Cars were washed, cats cuddled, and calories consumed. Mom’s list of projects dwindled to just one, painting a room, but we did manage to squeeze in almost 2 walls before we left Monday.




I’m grateful for the time away, and it was certainly hard to get up this morning and return to the cubicle, I won’t lie! But even in that, there were bright spots of seeing office friends and celebrating a coworker who is fighting cancer with a special lunch outing and attempting to do good work.


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