“Pretty” Good Pancake

August 17, 2014 § Leave a comment

Leave it to Joy the Baker to come up with deliciousness, tastiness, and comfortingness and then make it work for one. I’ve made her single lady melty chocolate cake before and all the judges (me) agreed that it was fantastic. When I saw¬†her post recently about the single pancake and realized I had all the ingredients, well, pancakes were had this morning. I went with making two instead of one whopper pancake. On a related note, why is it that the first pancake always has issues? The pan wasn’t hot enough, you didn’t use enough butter, you flipped too soon or too wildly, it burns/doesn’t get done in the middle…the list goes on. In my case, maybe impatience to be eating the pancake causes any or all of these catastrophes. By the 2nd or 3rd pancake, I’ve usually hit a stride, but since this recipe only made two…it wasn’t pretty. But, as my family says “It’ll eat.” Or, in the words of The Black Keys: “the look of the cake, it ain’t always the taste.”



I want to call those extra crispy bits on the first one “pancake cracklins” and market them cleverly. But maybe that doesn’t sound appealing to anyone else. I will be keeping this recipe on the fridge, though, for when the breakfast-for-dinner mood strikes. Look past the humble appearance of mine and make these yourself!


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