July 30, 2014 § Leave a comment


This is an extra from my many attempts to make a birthday present for my friend and roommate this week. I gave her what I hope were the best ones in a pretty frame, but this one turned out rather nice as well. It’s meaningful to her all by itself, but also happens to be the title of a great song by a band she likes.

In crafting this bit of ink and calligraphy for her, I found myself bolstered by it, having to write and rewrite it a few dozen times. The distinctions between joy and happiness have already been expounded upon by others, so I’ll but add that I am learning to look for real joy in my own, daily life. After finding out today that a potential full-time position at my current job is no longer a possibility for me, I reach for the joy that is beyond momentary disappointment. I have had my moment with it and may very well again, but I also trust that doors open when they’re meant to and know that the perks  (4 weeks paid vacation! Maybe still a bit sore on that score.) I would’ve gained in the switch to salaried employee are not my sole pursuit. In truth, nothing really has changed: I still have a job that I mostly enjoy and also was complimented by my boss on the work I do even in midst of the we-went-with-someone-else talk. That means a lot to me. It wasn’t my dream job or even an option that I’d desired before a month ago, so that helps ease the sting some. I didn’t even cry much, and that’s saying something as that’s usually my default with the emotional situations! I give God thanks for the grace he has given me and pray it spills out to those I work with even now.


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