Pizzelle’s Confections

June 1, 2014 § Leave a comment

It’s a well-documented fact that I enjoy chocolate, in all its forms: a tiny but intense molten lava cake, a square of Amedei dark chocolate, chewy chocolate chip cookies with a kiss of salt, and truffles. Luckily, friends and family share my interest in the little decorative gems of deliciousness. My uncle introduced me to Pix Patisserie and Alma Chocolate in Portland. Near Durham, NC, a few years back, I had a delicious tea infused treat at Miel Bon Bons. Trips to other states and overseas have surely brought sweet morsels of cacao past my lips but only the memories have remained.

I have yet to encounter a similar caliber chocolate shop in my own home state…until now! Pizzelle’s has been open in Huntsville for a little more than a year and attempts to get my brother (who lives so close by!) to darken their door and bring me some have failed. Thankfully, a quick Memorial weekend trip to see said brother with my roommate to watch the X-Men movie also included the long-awaited visit. After counting the truffles in the case, I decided 14 was exactly the amount I should buy. Choosing among the flavors that included calling cards like lemon-lime curd, maple-infused milk chocolate, chai-spices, cayenne with cinnamon, or caramelized cacao nibs was impossible. All or nothing, right?






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