May 21, 2014 § 2 Comments

I don’t know how it started, but today at the office, an editor and I got into a discussion of Southernisms, if you will. Or, I guess, since another editor from the Midwest originally chimed in that she’d grown up with one of the same phrases, they’d be more accurately called colloquialisms? In the South, you might also have to make the “redneck” distinction. Either way, I can recall alot of these hilarious, often confusing, make-you-think-for-a-minute statements that roll off people’s tongues as naturally as taking a breath. For your reading pleasure, a few of the ones mentioned today:

“crazier than a hit dog”

“happier than a dead pig in the street”

“shaking like a small dog trying to pass a peach pit”

“his brain’s slick”

“your eyes were too big for your stomach/your eyes were bigger than your stomach” (or, in aforementioned first editor’s case, her family always uniquely said “your eyes were bigger than your head” when they couldn’t eat what they ordered. These sayings take on a new life wherever they land! She also grew up hearing “out of arm’s way” instead of “out of harm’s way” which, you could make a case for being correct as well.)

And my favorite of the day and a new one on me to boot: “you’d better put some sugar on that salt!”



Cinco de Maisy

May 5, 2014 § Leave a comment

Everyone else (in America, at least) may be celebrating this day with Coronas and lime or margaritas and chips and salsa, but it’s near and dear to my heart for another reason besides delicious Mexican fare. My favorite furball became my favorite furball on this day 5 whole years ago.

From then…

maisy canopy





….to now…



She’s been a terror and a joy and an early-morning wakeup call and a companion to keep me from feeling too lonely. And, apparently, she’s also grown into a big ol’ sleeper, or that’s the only time I can get photos of her. We have our routines and I can’t imagine my days without her company. So, here’s to Maisy! Raise your glasses as she enjoys a special tuna treat in her own honor.

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