In the Moment

April 15, 2014 § Leave a comment

After a baby shower this past Saturday and helping flooded-out friends move into a new apartment with, thankfully, most of their belongings, I was physically spent. Friday night, I took in my first Birmingham Barons game with two friends and spent almost into the next day driving around with the windows down and the Girls’ Night Out Spotify station blaring. (Many a Destiny’s Child song was sung.) Like I was in high school or something again. Even though the late night and the even later night baking for the baby shower and the moving ordeal (stairs! two flights!) and prepping for the shower started to make me tire, I had a moment where I thought, “We are loving well.” Many of the people at the shower had been present earlier in the day to help with the move. I didn’t know everyone there, as many were extended family members, but the girls and guys¬†I did know, I’ve known and walked with for a few years now. Watching the parents-to-be open gifts and exchange jabs and jokes at friends and family alike, I was reminded of the good. Lately, I know I’ve been focusing very much inward, on my own struggles and recurring issues, on my wants and don’t-yet-haves, on the things I don’t understand.

When I had that moment at the shower and thought it again when I got home, “This is how we love well,” I was humbled and comforted. It came upon me again today, in the midst of my onslaught of mental ramblings, to be thankful. Thankful for my friends especially and the relationships we’ve built, near and far. Thankful for the phone calls, texts, emails, and even actual cards that keep us together. They are dear to me and I remember them today. Alison, Kristian, Natalie, Susan, Doerun, Leah, Leslie, Laura, Joy, Josie, Shelley, Beth, Sharon, Anna, Callie, Amanda, Christa, Jessica, Jamie, Rachael, Cari, Audrey…they have shaped and nurtured and challenged and blessed me. And, make me want to do the same for them and for those I have yet to meet.


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