Snowy Day

January 29, 2014 § Leave a comment

It’s been quite the surprising and unexpected couple of days in Birmingham and areas nearby. Much has been made all over the internet about the under-forecast, the unpreparedness of all Southerners, and the perilous situation just a “little bit” of ice and snow can create. For my part, I am so glad to have benefited from the kindness and nearness of friends and their apartments and their boots and layers. My 3-mile trek home from my office with a friend yesterday afternoon was a lark compared to the experience that stranded drivers had yesterday and today. I was able to bear witness to the generosity of spirit that trying times thankfully can bring, even in the midst of the serious disasters and close-calls. I saw all manner of traffic pile-ups and streets of abandoned cars that looked as if some massive-scale practical joke had been pulled. I watched neighbors helping neighbors and strangers aiding strangers. From the safety of my snow boots, I trekked a bit around my small slice of the city and captured a few memories of the (hopefully) short-lived, problem-causing, beautiful snow along the way.

window snow



red mountain view






cold paws



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