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September 29, 2013 § Leave a comment

The change in the air has arrived and greets me every early morning now. The crisp and cool is a welcome feeling and leads to thoughts of all the coziness and softness that this season brings. Sliding out of summer’s heat always brings me joy, though I will miss the ripeness of all my favorite fruits and vegetables and the ease of footwear. I am, however, very desirous of not sweating on the walk from my house to my car anymore. I am looking forward to apple pie and bowls of chili and pumpkin spice everything, but will be waiting impatiently to bite into another worthy peach or tomato next summer.

I am struck by how change is always like that, a leaving behind of much that you like and some that you won’t miss to look ahead and embrace the same. We just don’t know which categories we will face next. I know we’d all prefer to order up the change in our lives to exactly (and positively) fit our desires. But then I also know we’d miss much if our narrow focus was fulfilled to the letter. Many conversations with friends lately have reassured me that I am not the only one who alternately accepts and struggles with this tension, this reality. If, in my journey, I desire growth and deeper knowledge and understanding, the delivery is usually a form of difficulty or disappointment. (This post could have a disclaimer: brought to you by a book I’m reading called Making Sense Out of Suffering.) Right now is one of those times. My church is ending, relationships are changing, and questions of purpose linger. Alongside it all, there is still laughter and pleasure in simple yet profound moments of sharing a meal or the hard work of moving friends into a new house or receiving a timely text that turns out to be grace to help in time of need.

I don’t know at all what this next season will bring, but I know there is still hope and joy to be had because God’s word promises it. There is an anchor for the soul.



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