Ends and Beginnings

September 5, 2013 § Leave a comment

It felt like Fall this morning at 6 a.m. when my lovely fur ball announced her desire to roam the out of doors. Standing there on the stoop and watching the just-risen sun start its slow illumination reminded me of the return to school and waiting for the bus to rumble down our long dirt-road driveway. My brother and I only rode the bus for a year, in truth, but the rest of my school years we drove 30 miles to attend so mornings started early then too. The dew on the ground and the flowers and the almost chill in the air always harken me back to childhood and the beginning of something new in this season. Every year my nerves would get the better of me, and I wouldn’t sleep before the first day of school–even after 5th grade when I went to the same one until I graduated.

First days made me jittery with excitement and trepidation and still do. I haven’t had one since I started the new job in May, and I couldn’t eat that morning for the roller coaster my insides were on. Though, in about a month’s time, I will have to embrace new first days as I search for a church. My church, Branch Life Church, that has nurtured and challenged and grown me, is closing. It’s a decision I’ve known might be coming since June, and it’s now official. The various factors of declining attendance and all associated with that became too much for our small family to withstand. The elders and pastor sought wisdom and beseeched us to do the same. The finality of disbanding became reality last month, and September 29th will be our last service together, all of us worshiping together in body.

It’s not completely real yet, as these things usually go. (It took me months to feel graduated from college.) But, I know it will sink in, with time. For now, I want to soak up these next 4 Sundays with this family in its current form. I pray the Lord has homes for all of us where we can minister and encourage and be ministered to. It’s heavy on my heart and mind even as I try to focus, with hope, on the growth and fellowship I was blessed to find at BLC and the desire to find it anew where God leads.



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