The Week (almost) in Review

August 22, 2013 § Leave a comment

When I chose the name for this blog, I felt it made sense on many levels. A sense of fullness can come from the delicious meals I’m fond of making and consuming. Or, I feel full to the brim when I have meaningful experiences and interactions with loved ones. From moment to moment, I’m full of desires, ideas, hopes, worries, plans, what-ifs, and wows. This week definitely strikes me as such a full one, in all its facets.

Monday started with a phone call from my mom, telling me that our beloved matriarch kitty Coco had passed away, and she’d found her outside in the morning. No sign of distress which is a blessing. I hated for my mom to have to find her like that, but glad my dad was there and they could lean on each other and give Coco a proper resting place in the yard. It’s put me in a sad mood, for sure, but also a nostalgic one peppered with memories of the sweet calico kitty my dad and I rescued from a shelter 10 years ago. I can’t imagine what it will feel like to go home the next time and not see her there. My heart has been with my mom, and I wish I could’ve been with her.

Thankfully, as the days rolled on, there have been moments of delight and encouragement to help offset the sadness of the start. Talks were had and feelings shared for a new relationship to continue and develop into something quite special and full of the best kind of surprises. Work hasn’t pressed in on me from all sides and that is a blessing. I’ve been able to work steadily on through several projects and am looking forward to a weekend away with my roommate. Full of fun, no doubt! Which we’ve already had this week when we cooked together: a delicious chicken quinoa bowl. I’d been missing time in the kitchen, and this dish was a great welcome back! Full of all the textures that make comfort food live up to its name–crunchy, warm, chewy, spicy, and a bit sweet. Tonight, I followed that success up with a quick salad of baby greens, goat cheese, cherries and almonds tossed in a sherry/parsley/shallot vinaigrette. And some High Road ice cream which I just recently discovered. My meals have also taken me out on the town, from a coworker’s birthday lunch at Rojo for all manner of tastiness to a quiet sandwich dinner with a dear friend to reconnect. 

It hasn’t all been about food, of course. Having time to just do life stuff, read a book, watch a movie, play with my dear fur ball, construct an Ikea cart for our kitchen…all those little but important opportunities that get overlooked or superseded by the 9 to 5:30+ were actually a part of my life this week. It has been simply a comfort and a reminder that life does not always whirl.

There is much to be thankful for and blessed by in the last few days, and I guess I just felt the need to put fingertips to keys to say so.


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