Midnight Brownies

August 10, 2013 § Leave a comment

Making these brownies put me in a mood, y’all. Or, maybe I was already in one. Working with dark chocolate will do that to a person. Even just the word brownie, in all its exquisite evocativeness, starts the conjuring. ImageMelting chocolate ’til it’s silky and shiny with butter–way too much butter–put me in a trance. The way the ribbons and rivers of chocolate hugged the edges of the bowl and spatula as I worked in the flour and espresso powder was mesmerizing, almost hypnotic. ImageIt helps that it’s well past midnight, and I’m alone in the kitchen, singularly focused on the decadence at hand. I scraped that mixing bowl well and anticipated the final result being as sumptuous as the batter. Pardon me, but I licked that spatula like no one was around to see me, because no one was. I couldn’t let all that good richness go to waste. Hopefully those who partake of these will know a bit of the bliss that went into their making.

Don’t even get me started on the warm, enveloping aroma of cocoa and butter that’s become my kitchen’s perfume. And, cool completely? Please. Resist the siren song of hot-from-the-oven, gooey chewiness? There’s danger in that first square inch. Delicious danger. Image Sweet dreams tonight, indeed.


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