Double Crust Cherry Tart

July 17, 2013 § Leave a comment

In the kitchen, I’m immersed. Sometimes there’s music playing, but more often not, as I focus on the ingredients coming together and not leaving anything out. The stirring and slicing, pouring and patting, rolling and resting make for an enjoyable process. From start to finish, I have the goal in mind, but I’m fully “in” the time spent getting there. The length of the recipe dwindles until there’s but a few steps left, save for popping the dish in the oven and enjoying the welcome “hands off” time. ImageThe waiting is like that of a kid on Christmas Day. Intense desire mixed with almost overwhelming impatience. Opening that oven door, I’m filled with trepidation and excitement to see what has become of my raw ingredients, my labor. Hoping for “looks good” as much as “tastes good,” at first. ImageThe time spent making this tart on Sunday impressed upon me a larger truth about myself. I’m quick to want to see results in daily life and issues, but, in the kitchen, willing to give myself the time I need for a good outcome. I am (mostly) content in the process and committed to seeing it through to completion. Having a definite beginning and end makes this easier, no doubt. But the parallels to my life and faith and pursuits is still valid. Being so desirous of achieving and reaching and arriving, I needed that reminder that the process is still worthwhile, still meaningful. Embracing all that came before can make the end that much sweeter. Image



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