Ginger and Lemon

May 12, 2013 § Leave a comment

Two tastes I know my mom loves, ginger and lemon. As today is the ultimate day to honor moms, I and my limited budget decided to make her a few treats. Cracking open a Barefoot Contessa cookbook, I was reminded of her Ultimate Ginger Cookies and Lemon Yogurt Cake that I had spied before and logged away for safekeeping/forgetting. The ginger cookie lives up to its name and is pleasingly soft and chewy, not brittle like a gingersnap, which I was happy to discover. And, it marked my first time using crystallized ginger, which was a plus for the baker who likes a challenge. The lemon cake is cooling as we speak so I can’t talk about its deliciousness yet. The lemon zest and the creamy yogurt combination is sure to please my mom, and that’s what today is all about, right? IMG_3674IMG_3686

I am blessed with a loving and thoughtful mother, one who, as I was struck last night, I should tell that I cherish more. I pray for all the mothers I know and love today: those who have been extensions of my own to me, those who are new at this experience and may be struggling, the soon-to-bes who wait impatiently for the day, and those dear hearts who have not yet known but so deeply desire motherhood. I pray for hope and grace and mercy and peace to them all.

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