Make and Eat Weekend

April 22, 2013 § 1 Comment

This weekend was a first. I had a friend come to visit me at my parents’ house in the country. As it is their house, I have always hesitated to invite people over, knowing that my mom gets a little nervy about the idea and wants everything to be perfect. Thankfully, this time must have been the right time. My good friend Alison wanted to come see the sights, and my mom was up for it (after some good cleaning, which needed to happen anyway and now we can enjoy it too). 

Though we live “far from civilization” as we like to say, I wasn’t worried about what Alison and I would do for entertainment. We’d cook.Image

There are so many things in both the Smitten Kitchen and Joy the Baker cookbooks that I’ve had my eyes on. We started with the beautiful and veggie-ful ratatouille sub from SK. I broke out my mandoline for the first time, and am proud to report that the red sauce you see there is only tomatoes. The sandwiches were flavorful and spurred our imaginations on to the endless variations you could create with them. Add prosciutto and goat cheese. Add any cheese. Add pepperoni and make it like a pizza sandwich. As they were, the bread was crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, and the melange of warm, soft vegetables with the occasional bite from a bell pepper or onion slice made for happy munching.   Image

A trip to my dad’s fish farm later to help feed the hungry bass and bream and their brethren, and we were starving for dinner. Alison whipped up a quick white sauce with lots of black pepper and we grilled chicken to go with it, boiled some corn on the cob and sliced up sweet potatoes into oven fries.

Sunday dawned beautiful, windy but sunny, so we enjoyed a nice long walk after a breakfast of eggs and the fantastic Touch of Grace biscuits. The afternoon is a blur of charred T-bones my dad threw on the grill and this….this ice cream that opened up a whole new world of ice cream making. Joy the Baker’s strawberry cookie dough ice cream is chock full of cookie dough chunks and sweet-tart strawberry essence. Of course, we couldn’t wait for it to chill any longer and dug into some while it was still mostly milk and cream soup. Still delicious and worth the effort. Image

Here’s to more visits to and from this partner in fine cooking and eating and walking and talking and laughing. (And maybe a more technologically savvy camera guy. No offense, Dad.) Image


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