And so it goes

April 13, 2013 § Leave a comment

A week, sometimes even just a day, can take you through a surprising emotional range. It’s been one of those around here. To hear, all in the course of five days, the news of a new job extended and yourself accepting, to see a friend home from overseas with a glow in her eyes and the adorable baby bump that is the cause, and to learn that the father of another dear friend has left this world because of cancer…it makes for a lot to process and absorb. The heart leaps and swells; the hearts seizes and sighs. The ability of joy and sadness to coexist was made more apparent to me this week. Even in the midst of the pain of a loved one passing, the hope of a life beyond this one was celebrated today at his funeral. He was a man of faith, the father of my friend Shelley, and it was a faith that grew stronger as the end grew certain. Through the tears, seeing the faith and belief of Shelley and her family encouraged and fortified me in my own journey. My heart is full of the hope hoped for, and the glimpses that we get on this side of the veil. In life, there is death; in death, there is life. In times like this, we search for meaning, and my heart keeps coming back to what the pastor mentioned today, that, in Christ, all this that we face will be redeemed one day. God Bless and comfort those who mourn. God Bless those who rejoice. God be near to us.


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