Octane Breakfast

March 26, 2013 § Leave a comment

A quick trip to Birmingham this weekend netted more memories and fun times with friends and a happy belly. A dear friend and I tried out the relatively new Octane location for Sunday breakfast, because we heard they had biscuits. Did they ever. Callie tried country ham on hers and I went with the bacon. Oh, and an appetizer of goat cheese and caramelized apple scone. With the frothiest chai latte to drink. I am in no way qualified to report on the coffee there, but I can say, this Chai was one of the spiciest and creamiest I’ve tasted. chaiandsconeBetter than the food even was the conversation. Callie is such a strong positive influence in my life, someone who loves beauty and God and shares them both earnestly and honestly. We met fortuitously at a former job, and I still say that our resulting friendship was one of the best things about that position. Her creativity and passion are inspiring as well as her depth of faith. I always feel renewed by our times together. She loves a good meal as much as I do, too! After an evening of roller derby watching, this breakfast of flaky, salty, cheesy goodness was just the perfect relaxed catching-up time that I crave. baconeggcheesebiscuitOf course, I had to capture it with the camera phone like any good fledgling blogger and food obsessive would.


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