Chocolate Custard

March 15, 2013 § Leave a comment

Lately, I’ve been craving a treat with a thick, spoonable texture and the flavor of dark chocolate that melts beguilingly on the tongue. It’s stoked by all the pudding recipes I come across on my internet ramblings. It’s hard to choose from among the offerings of glissade chocolate pudding or mousseline or  pot de crème. The short ingredient list of a recipe on Food and Wine’s website won me over. chocolatecustard

This custard (un)fortunately made just enough for two small dishes worth of deep, rich, smooth chocolate to savor. I followed the directions mostly to the letter, except my egg was extra-large and I spilled most of my steamed milk onto the counter and had to regroup. It’s a good starting point for experimenting, I think, and I want to try infusing the milk with spices. The recipe’s not kidding about only chilling the mixture for 5 minutes, after spending several hours in the refrigerator, it loses its creamy appeal and takes on a more truffle-esque denser consistency. Of course, I don’t mind.


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