Octane Breakfast

March 26, 2013 § Leave a comment

A quick trip to Birmingham this weekend netted more memories and fun times with friends and a happy belly. A dear friend and I tried out the relatively new Octane location for Sunday breakfast, because we heard they had biscuits. Did they ever. Callie tried country ham on hers and I went with the bacon. Oh, and an appetizer of goat cheese and caramelized apple scone. With the frothiest chai latte to drink. I am in no way qualified to report on the coffee there, but I can say, this Chai was one of the spiciest and creamiest I’ve tasted. chaiandsconeBetter than the food even was the conversation. Callie is such a strong positive influence in my life, someone who loves beauty and God and shares them both earnestly and honestly. We met fortuitously at a former job, and I still say that our resulting friendship was one of the best things about that position. Her creativity and passion are inspiring as well as her depth of faith. I always feel renewed by our times together. She loves a good meal as much as I do, too! After an evening of roller derby watching, this breakfast of flaky, salty, cheesy goodness was just the perfect relaxed catching-up time that I crave. baconeggcheesebiscuitOf course, I had to capture it with the camera phone like any good fledgling blogger and food obsessive would.



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Cadbury Royal Dark Mini Eggs..as if I didn’t already love the regular Cadbury mini eggs, they go and offer me something richer, more enhanced and in pretty shades, too. They’ve probably been around for awhile, but this was the first year I’d noticed them. Get yourself to Target (where I found them) and partake.

Saturday Morning Scones

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Doesn’t reading that title just take all the hot air out of your Monday? Or, it makes you yearn uncontrollably for the next Saturday to come around so you can while away the hours at your leisure instead of counting down the minutes to 5 p.m. I made these scones, as you might guess, this Saturday, during the prime breakfast hours of 9 to 10 a.m. Not too early; not too late to eat lunch at noon still. They were a breeze to bring together, and I followed the directions right down to the dropping of misshapen blobs of dough onto the baking sheets. We’ve had this book, Amy’s Bread, for quite some time, but this is my first attempt at its recipes. To be honest, this was the least intimidating sounding recipe that didn’t involve words like “old dough starter” and “24 hours.”(It also looks like the book has been revised, definitely the cover as compared to mine. Racks of freshly baked bread would appeal to the carb glutton like me.)amysbreadAs true scones go, these are pretty much perfect: not overtly sugary (I used honey per the recipe’s note instead of sugar), but would be delicious with cream if we’d had any. As it happens, a drizzle of Tupelo honey and some swipes of soft butter added to their flavor quite nicely. I used dried cherries and golden raisins here, and they plump from the heat, giving off a burst of subtle sweetness when you bite into one.

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