See Park City

February 13, 2013 § Leave a comment

The past few weeks have been consumed with preparing for and embarking on our family trip to Park City, Utah. The plan was to try our hand (and knees and quads) at skiing and snowmobiling; only my brother had ever participated in winter sports before. I am pleased to report that no bones were broken, no one took a tumble that they couldn’t walk away from, and I successfully navigated the ski lift and skied (or, skied and stopped) down the baby slope two times! Image

I was so proud of us! My brother attempted snowboarding again for the first time in 15 years probably, and he has a few knee bruises to remember it by. My mom and dad (pictured below) both gamely took on the challenge of having skinny pieces of some kind of material hooked to your feet via boots that must weigh as much as Ironman’s suit. We had some spills; we got back up. We rode the cool conveyor belt along with the adorable little children stuffed into bright snowsuits that made them waddle like penguins. Image

ImageThe snowmobiling scared me at first, I’ll admit, but once I pressed down on that throttle a few times and felt the frigid wind nip and whip around my face, I felt quite Bond Girl-esque. We lucked into a private tour because the other people in our group didn’t show, and our guide, Riley, treated us to a more involved tour that took us up to 9200 feet, if I remember right. It could have only been better if it had been a clearer day and we could have seen further from that height. ImageI now know what cold truly feels like and can say I’ve seen single-digit temperatures up close and in person. Watching the snow swirl around us as we saw the sites on Main Street, struggling to stay upright and stop when I wanted to on those skis, and spending time with my family making new memories…that’s what I’ll cherish from this trip. Listening to my poor sick brother snore in the next bed over and trying to wrangle agreement on where to eat from each family member and hoofing it to the literal end of the earth at the Houston airport with nary a minute to spare to take off from what can only be described as a portable building “terminal” (Gate B84P to be exact)….that, I won’t miss.


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