Birthday Month Kicks Off

January 14, 2013 § Leave a comment

I love my birthday. I may have said that before here already, and anyone who knows me well also knows it. January 18 is a special day, one that my mom always made a fuss over and I think that’s why I carry a torch for the day of my birth still. Every year I want to commemorate it in some special way; my theory is if you get excited about your birthday other people do too! And, who doesn’t like a birthday? There’s usually cake or some other sweet treat. Maybe you go see a movie or get dolled up for a fancy dinner or treat yourself to a spa day. It’s worth celebrating, the day that you were born.

I, over the years, have enjoyed extending that celebration into the entire month. This year is no exception. With my dear friends scattered here and there and everywhere, getting us all together for a one-time outing is more and more difficult. Enter the idea of the “progressive birthday!” No, I’m not carting myself around to all my friends’ houses and asking them to feed me, rather, I wanted my dear friends to share in my joy in any way they could, whether with a phone call or a face-to-face hang out time.

So far, the celebrations are off to a great start. I spent Saturday afternoon with Laura, a college friend/roommate  I always have a good time with who treated me to lunch and then we both got manicures. I followed that up with a long, leisurely phone call with Beth, a friend from way back in high school who currently lives in China and is always such a source of light in my life. Sunday afternoon I got to reconnect with Kristian, another college friend who I still consider a kindred spirit and someone I look up to. And, tonight, I just got off the phone with the beautiful Audrey, a friend from college who loves me and tells me so and who always laughs at my silliness.

I am blessed to have such close, true friends. What better way to ring in my 30th than to reminisce with them and revisit the past with them and rekindle our friendships for the future. I love my friends like I love my birthday. There’s still more to come, including cake!



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