Pumpkin Butter and Touch of Grace Biscuits

December 6, 2012 § 2 Comments

And, with that, two scraps of paper with those words written on them to remind me to get into the kitchen and get going on it already…are gone! Deliciousness replaced them. Image

Beautiful pumpkin butter may not be, especially in this poorly lit phone photo, but the aroma of warmth and spiciness that it creates as it simmers is certainly a lovely thing. Goodness knows I have more pictures of not-so-attractive food that tastes fantastic.

Making the pumpkin butter was easier than I had anticipated, and I had fun playing with the spices trying to reach just the right note. I confess, my first bites worried me as I thought it was overly potent from the ginger. As it simmered, though, it seemed to mellow and, after a night in the fridge, it tasted even more smooth and evenly spiced. My plan was to make molasses bread to accompany it, but that would have been spice overkill, plus nearly the same color. Enter Shirley Corriher’s Touch of Grace biscuits. Food52 provided me with her recipe along with extremely helpful step-by-step photos for reaching the right consistency. Image

The biscuits could also be called Touch of Time biscuits, because they do take some pulling together. The recipe couldn’t be simpler though, and it’s a chance to get your hands a little sticky. The dough is almost unbelievably light and very wet when you start molding it into rough rounds, but therein lies its greatness. The biscuits puff up and almost resemble cornbread or English muffins with respect to their cragginess, with abundant nooks and crannies. Their softness melts on your tongue, and they taste like a biscuit should, a bit sweet from the sugar and tangy from the melted butter. The bottoms get a little crusty and that crunch adds to the experience.  Image

I meshed two recipes to make the pumpkin butter: this one and that one. Meaning I used mostly dark brown sugar with a few tosses of white sugar and included the lemon juice. I substituted apple cider and added a few tablespoons of honey, and quarter teaspoon or so of allspice which I always put in my pumpkin pies so I thought it should be here too. Oh, and I threw in a pinch of kosher salt. 

It’s been a good day, kitchen-wise. Image



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