It’s Good to be Back

November 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

I got back in the kitchen in a big way this weekend. Well, big compared to attempting nothing during the week or the week before, really. Recuperating from a minor procedure I had on Monday, I didn’t really feel like doing more than reading the half dozen books I’d checked out from the library or watching downloads of the new season of “Downton Abbey” thanks to a friend of a friend. Besides the reason I was being such a bum, it was a pretty enjoyable way to while away a few days.

By Friday, I was game to get back in the saddle. Rifling through my mom’s archives and mine, I settled on a dish for dinner that I’d pulled from an old Real Simple. Chicken Thighs Braised in Garlic and White Wine: just typing that makes my mouth water and the memory of the rich, piquant aroma waft around my computer screen. Please click through to the magazine’s website and enjoy their pictures. I was pleased with how this recipe developed into something wonderful, because sometimes the source’s offerings are a bit lackluster. I like simple, of course, just not boring.

For this morning, I decided to attempt a homemade “pop-tart” recipe torn from an issue of Bon Appetit  before their editorial slant took on its GQ, boys’-club tone. Truth be told, I started this recipe last night, by making the pie dough and then assembling a few adorable squares, some  with cherry preserves, one apricot and blueberry. Freezing them overnight left me with nothing more to do this morning than preheat the oven and slide the hand pie cousins into its warmth. Pie for breakfast was served.


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