Birthday Brownie Cookies

October 10, 2012 § Leave a comment

My friend Joy and I have known each other since 6th grade and been close ever since. As the oldest of our high school group, she recently turned the much-lauded 3 0 and celebrated the right way, by inviting as many of her friends as could come to a local Mexican joint. I think there might have been almost 30 of us! Friends from high school, like me, from college, from church, and from OT school, where Joy is finishing up her degree. Surprisingly, all the groups meshed well, which I think is a testament to Joy’s warm and friendly nature that people just gravitate to. She’s always been an encourager to me, and I am blessed by my longest-lasting friend on a regular basis.

I wanted to give her a little something celebratory, and what spells a good time better than chocolate? Better yet, brownies. Even more interesting, brownie cookies bearing a monogram of sorts. Thanks to Joy the Baker (not the same person), I found a quick recipe that was just what I hoped it would be–a brownie in cookie form. Her sunflower seed decoration inspired me to garnish these with mini m&ms I had on hand. Can you tell what they spell?
Multiple hints have been given. Spelling with candies is trickier than you might think, though.


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