I Agree with Milk

September 28, 2012 § Leave a comment

The distinctive cobalt bag calls Oreos “Milk’s Favorite Cookie,” and I would have to confess a certain affinity for them as well. I’ve also had a few recipes for a homemade version bookmarked for awhile. Yesterday proved the perfect day to attempt making them. I compared a recipe on Leite’s Culinaria and one from Smitten Kitchen, siding with hers because it sounded closer to the inspiration (yes, even down to the use of shortening in the filling. No one said Oreos didn’t have a dark side.)  Plus, I have often turned to Deb for her wit, her recipe choices, her pictures. Her voice on her blog reassures me and I feel that I can trust her in times of kitchen conundrums. I don’t remember when I first started reading her very popular blog, but it was well before their baby, before her move, before the book, which I am excited to purchase when it drops. Her book tour, sadly for me, follows a route that skirts most of the South, but I’m tentatively scheming a sleep-in-the-car kind of road trip to meet her this fall.

I would definitely deem this recipe from her site another success for me. (I love it when that happens!) The cookies baked up beautifully, smelling irresistible, and the filling came together in just four steps. For kicks, I added a bit of espresso powder to the mix, because I feel the need to be using it more than I do. My vanilla, gifted by my grandparents, is also a bit stronger than what I usually buy at the grocery store. It’s cut with vodka instead of bourbon, maybe that’s why? I felt that it was a mite overpowering in the filling, but my testers didn’t seem to notice. The cookies have a crispness and a crunch to them as well as a semi-soft chew, which is kind of nice as compared to the harder, crumbly original. The filling is smooth and sweet, but as I piped it sparingly into each sandwich, not cloying. I liked the challenge of trying to recreate/interpret a favorite snack of mine, one that I usually have to restrain myself from purchasing. Now, when the craving strikes, I can make these and enjoy them with an appreciative partner.

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