A Pretty Pause

September 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

Lately, I’ve been recalling blogs and sites I used to visit at my former job, a magazine devoted to flowers. A major perk of that position was surfing the web for beautiful arrangements and calling it research. I started seeing flowers everywhere when I traveled, and I took notice of them more than I ever used to. I’m a less-than-novice when it comes to growing them and designing with them, but I’m a pro at appreciating their beauty. My favorites have long been tulips. Dahlias and peonies amaze me with their velvety texture. I added scabiosa and celosia and cosmos and grape hyacinths to my growing list of new flowers to remember and adorn my house/wedding/garden with one day.

As I learned the heights and depths of the floral world, I discovered a few designers whose creativity kept me coming back. As merely a dabbler in most artistic ventures myself, I am always in awe of what truly inspired and talents artists can dream and create. Brooke Howsley of Pollen Floral Art I had the privilege to interview, way back when. Her use of succulents and even roadside foliage and flowers was unexpected and inviting. Reading Denise Fasanello’s blog transported me to whichever event she happened to be designing, and her excitement about her craft buoyed my spirits on deadline-hectic days. If memory serves, we exchanged a few emails once or twice. I loved Bornay for the ethereal yet urban vibe that I think must be distinctly European. Plus, the blogroll includes most of the other sites I frequented.

Maybe you need a mid-week reminder of all the color and loveliness in the world? If so, click a link and enjoy.


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