The Long Weekend

September 4, 2012 § Leave a comment

My family and I spent a lovely long weekend in Atlanta; I always enjoy being with my parents and my brother on a road trip. Lest I present a white-washed picture, there were plenty of exasperating moments to do with traffic and decision-making or fathers who are impatient when it comes to restaurant wait times and brothers who won’t listen when I’m navigating. All in all, we had fun together. We saw pandas at the zoo and dolphins and whale sharks at the aquarium and watched our team play football (and lose) from way-up-high inside the Georgia Dome. We ate well and plenty. ImageImage

Our trek home was uneventful until the sun set and thunderstorms battered my Honda and the roadways. Maybe Isaac’s leftovers, maybe just a late summer storm, but my dad was down to driving 30 miles an hour when we were only a few miles from home and our felines who were waiting to greet us to be fed. Water streamed over our country road, and, in each brief bright lightening flash, we saw a neighbor’s yard had turned into a miniature lake. Roadside ditches channeled water like sluices. Our yard looked untouched except for some scattered tree branches and puddles. The warm yellow lights on inside the house made us sigh with relief.

This morning I walked outside to hear the sound of water running through a creek, which the rains had made of the normally very dry ditch that runs alongside our property. ImageI wouldn’t mind it if that soothing sound stuck around. Image







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