Pizza Dough Doughnuts

August 25, 2012 § Leave a comment

My mom is a genius. Home from her weekly shopping trip brandishing a burgeoning bag of the store’s pre-made pizza dough, she said, “Let’s making a dessert with this and apples.”

Like thinking of a snappy comeback days after someone’s zinged you with an insult, it took us until today to think of exactly what we had to do. Doughnuts. Of course. Turns out, the internet is full of suggestions (as always) on how to make doughnuts from pizza dough. I found what we needed by combining the tips in a food network recipe with the instructions for assembly and filling recipe at Dessert First Girl. With a little boiling-hot oil anxiety, we sallied forth and achieved our very own doughnut-esque fried blobs. Which we rolled in cinnamon and sugar before tearing into.

Moans and sighs ensued, and our kitchen still smells deliciously like a cross between a Krispy Kreme and a county fair (just the funnel cake making area).



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