Watermelon Ice Cubes

August 22, 2012 § Leave a comment

August is searing itself on our memories here, though the slide into fall will begin to cool the days soon, I wishfully hope. There was a nip of autumn on the breeze this morning. Signs synonymous with the change of seasons are all around. A yellow school bus woke me before the blazing sunlight this morning. Seeing the rifled-through shelves of my local Target yesterday (which oddly resembled a grocery store after the threat of stormy weather, a.k.a. no toilet paper, bottled water aisle scavenged) reminded me that the students are back in this college town.

While this last of the summer months hasn’t been as unbearable as the previous couple, past experience says that we’ll still be under summer’s thumb after the calendar says its done. Happily, that means a little while longer to enjoy the flavors. Eating chilled watermelon scooped from the shell led to this little experiment.
Capturing the watermelon juice and freezing it was simple, as each slice into the flesh results in a pool of sweetness left behind. I simply strained and poured it into an ice cube tray and let the freezer do all the work.

Today, I concocted. Club soda and a twist of lime seemed a pleasing combination in theory; in practice, a bit too dry and astringent on my tongue. And, not sweet enough. Moving on. Sparkling apple juice surprised me with its workability (if not its photogenic properties) with both the watermelon cubes and the lime. I think a watermelon lemonade would be delicious to try next.



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