Baked Cherries with Taleggio Cheese

August 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

Such a title begs to be followed by a recipe for achieving the mysterious yet intriguing dish described, but, alas, this was not a combination that I dreamt and created. Tasty n Sons did the work for me, introducing me to a breakfast bruschetta of a sort that I’d never before encountered.

It beckoned to me from the simple slip of kraft paper menu, perhaps because of its proximity to a dish involving sweet biscuits and cream. A devotee of cherries, I was drawn to the mere mention and, as we were in the Northwest, I knew they would be superlative, however they were dressed. Taleggio cheese was unfamiliar to me, and, I would venture to say, still is. I don’t remember much about it besides the comforting way it melted atop the dish of ripe cherries bubbling in some sort of reduction that was vaguely vinegary, which is ideally how vinegar should present itself in a dish.
The crunchy grilled bread provided the sturdy vehicle for transport of the warm and aromatic concoction, but, when that ran out, a large spoon did the job just as well. The crockery dish was too hot to lick or I would have.

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