Peach Dessert, the nth

July 17, 2012 § 1 Comment

Who knows how many I’ve made over the course of my 29 summers, or how many more I will attempt? For now, I give you this: a peach clafoutis (though a quick glance at Wikipedia informs me that it would have another name, flaugnarde, since it does not use one of the traditional fruits).

I’ve only ever made a cherry one before, but I remember liking the consistency. It’s not a cake and not quite a custard, but shares some features of both. It has the kind of chewy quality that the edges of pancakes get, if you know what I mean. Putting it together involved no more effort than simple chopping, some stirring, and then careful pouring.


The recipe I used can be found here, one of my favorite blogs to read for the effortless and evocative way the writer pens each post. My only change, aside from peaches, was to split the cup of whole milk into a half a cup of fat-free milk and the other half of heavy cream. In my limited knowledge of milk fats, I thought that to be a worthy substitution for my lack of whole milk. Sometimes you’ve just got to go with what you’ve got and not research every little decision, Melissa. 


I captured my haphazard layering of soft, slippery peach slices with a soft, fuzzy phone camera shot, trying not to anoint my touchscreen too liberally. Peaches just speak of plenty to me. There’s nothing I don’t like about them, except when they’re not ripe. It’s rare to find such simple satisfaction in foodstuffs. Nothing needed, nothing to alter, no coaxing called for, finagle-free. I’m thankful to be able to enjoy it as long as the trees keep producing and there’s a bit of cash in my pocket.

Peach Clafoutis


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