Chocolate Fix

July 4, 2012 § Leave a comment

No red, white, or blue today, only dark chocolate brown. I’m noticing a theme to the last few sweets I’ve baked. I need to vary it up a bit. I could have fashioned something with the cup or more of blueberries we picked this morning, but chocolate was already on the brain.

This book is proving to be one of my favorites, and not just because of the name.
As I flipped through its pages yesterday, looking for something enticing, I found the recipe for Dark Chocolate Cherry Cookies. A quick scan revealed that I had all the ingredients in house, and wouldn’t have to make the 20-minute, 13-mile journey to the nearest grocery store of note. I love it when that happens.
I was a bit short on dried cherries, and next time, I’ll chop the whole ones up a bit to better distribute them throughout the dough. (Although, nobody minds a cookie chockfull of cocoa and chocolate chips that just happens to be missing a tart cherry.)

I followed the recipe cup-for-cup, excepting a substitution of cane sugar for the white sugar and the addition of a quarter teaspoon of espresso powder. It gave such depth of chocolate-y flavor to the last chocolate cookie I made that I figured it would do well here, too. It did.

Now, if only there was some milk in the house.

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