Hello Jello

June 13, 2012 § Leave a comment

In my mother’s house, there are many cookbooks. Stashed in a custom cabinet my dad had built for her back in the day, it is packed full, like, used bookstore shelves full. Church ladies’ cookbooks, books on microwave cooking, untold holiday recipe magazines dating back to the 1970s, maybe the whole Southern Living cookbook library, Pillsbury zines from the checkout line with titles like “Easy Peasy Brunch” and “Get Grillin'”…it’s all in there. My time back at home has been chiefly concerned with helping my parents corral, edit, purge, basically streamline their collections. My mom has been a surprisingly good sport about it all.

And, every now and then, we come across a gem that even I can vote for keeping.


It’s 96 pages of Jell-O, molded, frozen, layered, flaked, and jiggling. The descriptions of each recipe are no less captivating than the technicolor pictures. “It’s a delight to serve a light green and vivid red delicacy” accompanies the recipe for an Avocado Strawberry Ring. And, I didn’t know that “rum flavoring plus candied fruits and almonds equal delicious eating.” But then, I’ve never had Nesselrode Bavarian Pie before. Maybe I should attempt this Ring-Around-the Tuna?

Ring Around the Tuna

On second thought, these Jell-O treats look much more munchable.


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