Change of Scenery

May 10, 2012 § Leave a comment

I’ve been away. I went far, far to the west to visit my friend Leslie, just to hang out and maybe help her with some wedding planning. She’s marrying Warren in Pasadena in October, and I just couldn’t wait until then! We got down to business right away. Eating this here after exploring here (and partaking in an Arnold Palmer with Lychee Jelly):


Nachos and Tacos at Native Foods Cafe

With this for dessert:


Joe’s Italian Ice in Garden Grove

The next day, we hiked here, because we wanted to and because of the first 2 pictures…


Then, I experienced dim sum for the first time. The pineapple buns were certainly my favorite, as they were small, doughy, filled with a creamy custard and had sugar baked on top. They’re not pineapple-flavored; the name apparently comes from the appearance being akin to a pineapple. The sesame pork crescents, the duck soup, the sticky rice wrapped with a lotus leaf, steamed pork and shrimp dumplings went down easily as well.


We braved the Fashion District and Santee Alley, on a Sunday, which is apparently less chaotically crazy and affords a “fair” amount of personal space. I watched these two haggle for burlap for a future engagement shoot/wedding decoration application.


We strolled here, and I thrilled to the sight of shops whose names I am used to seeing only online: Sur la Table, Paper Source, H&M, Madewell, Papyrus, Crate and Barrel…


We worked up an appetite, of course.


In and Out Burgers and fries, animal style


two scoops for me, dark chocolate w/ cacao nibs & spiced strawberry sorbet

It all came to an end with a drive out to Irvine where I tried some Vietnamese beef phở and bánh mì for the first time. A few hours of talking while packing and then driving to the Burbank airport on Tuesday were all that remained of my third trip to southern California. Thankfully, my fourth one will happen before too long.



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