Props that I Got

April 27, 2012 § 2 Comments

I wanted to share these pretties:


They were recovered during a recent visit to see my grandfather and his wife. The man owns 7 self storage units. At least, I think that’s what he told me. In one, mostly books and old glassware, like the above, resided. I am drawn in by antique glassware and china and kitchenware, especially milk glass, which I believe all the white items in the picture above are. They are all in perfect condition. No telling how old they are or whose they were, but I will cherish them now.

In my daydreaming moments, I entertain the occasional thought of owning a prop closet where stylists could come and select pieces for photo shoots. I have seen the inside of a few well-appointed prop closets; it was like being in the antique store/flea market of your dreams. No ratty wicker chairs or questionably made wood furniture or avocado-colored anything to step over on your way to uncovering a gem. I think these pieces that caught my eye would be right at home in such a tabletop treasure trove.


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