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March 12, 2012 § Leave a comment

I’m going to make this a week where I post something everyday. This blog is mainly just for me to keep writing, about anything, to keep the love of words and language alive, to have another place for my thoughts. This week I’m committing to sharing something everyday: a reflection, a photograph, a story, a slice-of-life, or a problem that I haven’t solved. I think it will help keep my mind engaged in a search for the worthwhile. 

Today I took a different path home and saw many a Redbud tree. Their vibrancy of color yet fragility of bloom seem to usher us toward Spring but with a timidity that is striking and poignant. They’re not truly red, more of a purplish hot pink that sprouts in tiny clusters during the blooming season.

As the Winter makes fits and starts toward Spring (or, where I live, pre-Summer), all the dormant gray branches interspersed with tentative green foliage provide a still-stark background for the Redbuds to pop out against in a delightful surprise.



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