A Pensive Post

February 12, 2012 § Leave a comment

It’s a beautiful Sunday, chilly for the first time in weeks. Our winter in Alabama seemed to have packed up and headed north already this year. I’m cozy inside in one of my favorite sweaters: rust colored, thick knit with a shawl collar and bell sleeves. I’m listening to the faint crackle and pop of the fire my dad built, interspersed with the whirring of that fan thingy that tries to disperse the heat throughout the house.

I have nothing and everything on my mind.

Two more days until V-day and wondering how high the cupcake demand will be this year. Our quasi manager at the store had her baby Friday so we’re without her driving force. It feels like more work, more pressure, though no one is making demands of me. The nature of not having any leadership though continues to bode ill, I feel. My desires to move on, to do something else grow stronger. I keep on the lookout.

Maybe I’ll even do some today. The possibilities for careers, internships, jobs seem endless. They might even involve moving. I think I could be ready for that challenge.

And, if I’m being honest, the proximity of Valentine’s Day does make me wistful for a Valentine of my own. For all seasons, of course.

I’m just really thankful for the quiet softness of today.


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