Out of Sight, Out of Mind

December 29, 2011 § Leave a comment


That’s how we humans are. If it’s not right in front of us, we forget. We forget the bills to pay, appointments to keep, or the friends to call.

I’m having one of those days where it feels like I’m the forgotten friend.
I don’t live in the same city where a lot of my friends are, though I am nearby, and I am living with my parents for right now. (Gratefully, I might add to that last comment. Their offer for me to move in with them after I quit my job last summer was definitely a large piece of my decision to take that plunge.)

Not having my dearest friends just a few minutes down the road has increasing been a part of my life the past few years. Some have moved to go to school or to serve in the mission field or because they got married/got a job. I miss them all.
I know, Life happens and it’s not as easy to stay in touch. I’ve not made an A+ effort all the time myself. But I do want my friends to know I love them and that I try to make opportunities to stay connected to them.

I don’t always feel that desire reciprocated, to be honest. I say this knowing that I have a tendency to expect too much or want friendships to always have a high-school earnestness about them. I wouldn’t mind eating lunch with all my friends everyday!

I’m doing my best to deal with the vagaries and inevitabilities of growing up. I know I may get too attached to a particular friend for a season and then be more than bummed when that attachment is severed. I’ve learned and am still learning, I hope, what makes a good friend. Who knows? Maybe another kindred spirit friend is right around the corner.

Luckily, tomorrow, I get to see two close friends who don’t live in Alabama but are here visiting. I’ll try to let that keep me going for the next time when the phone isn’t ringing or all I seem to do is talk to people’s voicemails.


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