Good about Food, Bad about You

November 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

The other day while I was driving, I started thinking about words, as I’m wont to do. But this time, I was specifically struck by how some words that may be very welcome descriptors in one context, would be considered less desirable in another sphere.

Take, for instance, the phrase “crusty bread.” Such a simple adjective, but it conjures up both the sound and the feel of a warm baguette. I imagine, though, if I ever heard my doctor use the word crusty during an appointment, I’d be less than thrilled.

Without much commentary, for obvious reasons, then, I submit a brief list of words that sound great describing food, but might make you cringe in a medical situation.








Fatty (duh)




AND, my least and most-lamented favorite….Moist. (Why is it the only word to describe really good cake consistency?!)

Of course, there are some poor words that cause wrinkled noses wherever they go. Let’s not go there.


A Poetic Commute Moment

November 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

The fading light

Upon the eaves

Wings swell,

And it’s gone.

Jean Philippe Chocolates

November 8, 2011 § 1 Comment

Back story: Before our trip to the Smokies (which I need to share more pictures from), my brother jetted off to Las Vegas with some friends of his.
My sorta-half-joking request was for him to bring me back some fancy chocolate once I discovered that this place was in the Bellagio where he was staying. Yes, the Bellagio. I just like saying it to hear how it sounds. Plus, I loved the Ocean 11, 12, 13 movies.
So, off he went and, to his credit, tried valiantly to remember my request, but upon picking him up at the airport in Knoxville, Tennessee, so he could join us on our trip to the mountains, he revealed that he had in fact forgotten.
But, I did get a Bellagio pillow chocolate out of him.
Then, I promptly forgot about the whole thing.

Fast forward to last week: a plain cardboard box was perched unassumingly on the porch when I came home from work. This happens from time to time as both my parents are fans of the online shopping. But, it was addressed to me. THIS rarely happens.
Knowing that I had ordered nothing, I stopped to consider the perils of opening nondescript packages. And, then forged ahead.

The tissue paper wrapping gave it away, as it was emblazoned with the JP logo. Then I started rooting around in the foam noodles to find one box of chocolates, a bigger box of chocolates, a tin of chocolate bars, a clear cylinder of chocolate pellets, and a jar of chocolate hazelnut spread.

I had no idea that my brother, my ever-frugal brother would splurge like this! After calling him to thank him profusely and describe the packaging in detail, I started reading the little description booklet to decide which one to try first.

The one with the hazelnut tasted just like smooth creamy Nutella. The mint one surprised me with its actual mint flavor, as in, from the leaves of the plant, not just mint extract. It gave it more depth of flavor instead of an intense up-front bite of menthol.
In the ensuing days, I’ve been whittling down the collection slowly, trying the Earl Grey tea one, the smoky caramel one, and the vanilla rum one, which tasted just like fantastic vanilla ice cream that had flecks of dark chocolate in it.

I’m trying to make them last as long as I can.

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