I Made This and So Should You!

October 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

I can’t make that statement as enthusiastically about everything I try to make. There was an orzo salad that tasted watery and bland, even after copious amounts of Parmesan was shredded and pepper shaken into it. I blame the cucumbers. There’s the bread that never rises or that bakes perfectly except for the raw, yeasty hunk in the very middle.

But this spicy concoction lived up to its potential, and it was not impossible to achieve. I feel like I eat variations on the same thing week in and week out, so I wanted to mix it up. Plus, I’ve been wanting to buy sriracha sauce for awhile now. This recipe at Kiss my Spatula fulfilled both those goals! (I’ve been reading this blog for awhile now and made a few of her recipes quite successfully. Her photography keeps me coming back, too. It also doesn’t hurt that she’s living my dream of being married to an Irishman.)

I did make the mistake of starting to toss some of the veggies in the ginger dressing before the chicken was done, which led to a little sogginess, but eh. It has heat and crunch and that undefinable warmth from the sesame oil. And, it feels good to eat. But not in that flaxy, wheat germy kind of way. Sorry, guys.


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