The Call of the Open Road

September 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

Planning and taking a trip gives you something to look forward to, and it helps break up the sometimes monotony of your daily life. I like all kinds of trips: the overseas ones that require interminable overnight flights where you spend most of the time you could be sleeping in trying to get comfortable enough to sleep, family car trips with lots of arguing over where to stop and when and which hole-in-the-wall establishment looks the most edible for lunch, trips to see friends and make new ones, trips to go and see and do.

Of all those kinds of trips, it’s the ones taken solo that feel the most adventurous. Solo car trips, especially so. I will admit, they do get a bit lonely at times which leads to loud, off-key singing or discussing the route with yourself, but they also invite meandering and stopping to see what that is and taking pictures on the roadside every few 100 miles. You are the pilot. And, the DJ.

I took one such lovely trip last week to see a friend in North Carolina, with a stop in Tennessee on the way there to see another friend. From Wednesday afternoon to Monday night, I saw and ate and stopped and explored. The phone camera was handy for a few shots, but I’m hoping my film camera captured some really good ones.

Until I can remember to go by and drop it off, here’s a few insta-memories. This first one was taken from a turn off of I-40 through the Pisgah and Cherokee National Forests. I could’ve stopped at every turn to capture all that beautiful mountainy greenness.

This shot was at the end of a pretty long morning of hiking in the Eno River State Park with my friend Natalie and her dog Lucy. Lucy enjoyed the water; we enjoyed watching her jump in and swim after things.

Oh, and what’s this, you ask? Just a post-hike reward courtesy of Locopops. This was my second reward, to be honest. They had a creamy side and a fruity side to the menu. I couldn’t possibly pick just one. Mexican Chocolate came first, and then this brightly hued and tartly sweet Pomegranate Tangerine.

Ahh, it was a good trip.


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