July 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

Though it doesn’t look like it lately on this blog, food is being consumed by me on a regular basis. Things have been baked or grilled or sauteed or broiled, just not much of it photographed or extolled. A visit to my brother’s before the 4th involved steaks, which you can never go wrong with.

Interestingly, I’ve never manned (womanned?) a grill myself. Sure, I’ve grilled things on the stovetop indoors, but I don’t own a grill nor have I ever used one completely by myself. I think the open flame or steady flow of gas both thrills and scares me a bit. While I happily devour shish kabobs or BBQ chicken or the aforementioned steak, I’m not checked out on the apparatus itself. Kind of like how I drive a car hither and yon, but know very little about how it all works. No matter, since it seems the men in my life have both firmly in hand. Good news for me, and work for them.

So, we’ve established there’s been grilling and baking, of course. Though the summers here in the South make me want to put off turning on the oven til the sun goes down, I often relent because it’s not quite hot enough to bake cookies and cobblers outside. When I really can’t bear it, I just resort to eating peaches out of hand or Nutella by the spoonful. Or we make ice cream or my mom and I try panna cotta for the first time. They were all really good. I’ll try to remember to share next time. (Un)fortunately, the summer is long.


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