Baked Egg in a Tomato

June 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

This was definitely an experiment.

After a couple of tasty experiences making baked eggs and being suddenly hit by memories of broiled tomatoes as part of Irish breakfasts, I thought maybe they could be put together…

So, there I was in the kitchen this weekend, gingerly hollowing out a well in an Ugly Ripe tomato. The large sized egg I cracked into that well just barely fit.

Then I popped it into a 350ish degree oven to see what would happen. Once it looked like the white was, well, white, I sprinkled some pepper and Parmesan on top and switched to broiler mode for a few minutes.

This, while not that pretty (I did use a tomato with “ugly” as part of its name after all) was the result:

One touch with a fork and the whole thing gave way beautifully. Tomato juices ran all over the place, and the egg yolk was just about hard-boiled. Next time, I’m going to try less cooking time or temperature. I’m not sure which yet. I was hoping for a slightly runny egg yolk to kind of mimic a fried egg. All in all, a successful first experiment, as I ate the whole thing.


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