What’s Been Growin’ On

June 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

The garden in my parents’ front yard is actually being fruitful! It’s such a surprise after all the endless toiling and tilling that my dad did. It took loads of sand and topsoil to enrich our obstinate brick clay so we could get our hands in it without breaking them. Next year we’ll have to do more and make it even more plant friendly. But, for now, there are some lovely sights to see. It’s like a tiny miracle to see the formerly insignificant-looking seeds push their way through the soil and spread leaves and runners and make flowers that eventually balloon into a recognizable edible!

I took these with my old Pentax that my brother gave me for Christmas not too long ago. I’ve yet to invest in a digital camera, because I still think film superior. I appreciate the graininess, the warmth, the depth of color, and yes, even the disappointing shot or two. The unknowns of film make it all the more exciting when I do get a good shot.


My Yummy Cheeseburger, I’ll Wait for Yo-u, Yeah, I Will Wait for You

June 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

On my day off this week, I went to Baha Burger. Went a little out of my way to get to Baha Burger, in fact. It had been too long. I know I’ve had and hopefully will have more awesome, memorable, succulent hamburgers, but this place never disappoints. The sweet potato fries with a few fried okra thrown in don’t hurt either. I like that I can be adventurous or not with their menu which allows you to pick your meat (or bird or mushroom as your palate so leads) and all your trimmings. Grilled pineapple on a burger, you might question, but don’t. Just go with it and the deliciousness will reward your decision.

This concoction features a turkey patty with roasted red peppers, a chipotle aioli, grilled pineapple, tomato, spinach, and feta cheese crumbles. Let’s look at it again:

Baked Egg in a Tomato

June 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

This was definitely an experiment.

After a couple of tasty experiences making baked eggs and being suddenly hit by memories of broiled tomatoes as part of Irish breakfasts, I thought maybe they could be put together…

So, there I was in the kitchen this weekend, gingerly hollowing out a well in an Ugly Ripe tomato. The large sized egg I cracked into that well just barely fit.

Then I popped it into a 350ish degree oven to see what would happen. Once it looked like the white was, well, white, I sprinkled some pepper and Parmesan on top and switched to broiler mode for a few minutes.

This, while not that pretty (I did use a tomato with “ugly” as part of its name after all) was the result:

One touch with a fork and the whole thing gave way beautifully. Tomato juices ran all over the place, and the egg yolk was just about hard-boiled. Next time, I’m going to try less cooking time or temperature. I’m not sure which yet. I was hoping for a slightly runny egg yolk to kind of mimic a fried egg. All in all, a successful first experiment, as I ate the whole thing.

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