Pour Some Sugar on Me

May 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

On me. On plain cheerios. Dusted atop a scone or fresh strawberries. Mingled with cinnamon on buttered wheat toast. Brown, white, raw: if it’s sweet; I’ll bite.

But, lately I’ve been trying to control myself. Mainly because my waistline and my well-past teenagerhood skin are complaining.

It’s kinda hard when you’re surrounded by these before 10 a.m. everyday….



May 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

It’s been a little more than two weeks since so many tornadoes wrecked havoc all over the state of Alabama and nearby. It’s taken me a while to process what all has happened and how things have been so suddenly changed. In the days after April 27, I spent way too much time watching the footage and following the relief efforts.
Feelings of thankfulness that my loved ones and I were safe paired with the intense pain for those who were and still are hurting left me floundering. It started to feel like the aftermath of 9/11 somewhat–the helplessness, the stunned sadness, the wanting to make it make sense.

For days, I’ve been so shocked and overwhelmed by what happened, but also by the immediate response and outpouring of help. Volunteers, aid, water, food, and money have been flying in. The word “relief” has never carried more meaning to me than now, seeing it on the sides of trucks and buses and distribution centers. Seeing people work day and night and night and day to pick up the pieces has inspired me and helped bring me out of the shadows of this disaster so that I can pitch in too. American flags are flying higher and brighter it seems, reminding us all that we are wrapped up in this life together.

God’s love enfolds us all in this time, too. I feel it getting stronger than the fear and worry and sadness, and I pray the survivors feel it, too. And, I hope we all share it with each other, too. That’s the only way this, too, will pass.

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