Put a Smile on Your Face

April 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

Today has been a glorious, luxurious day off spent lounging about and watching movies on our free Starz channel. And, then I went outside, and it just got better. The weather is perfect…one of those watercolor blue skies with the breeze that tickles the treetops and cools you just as the sun peeking from behind the clouds has started to kiss your lily white skin.

I went outside and saw the swing my brother made for my mom this past Christmas. It beckoned. There’s nothing like swinging on a tree swing to instantly transport you back to being a kid, free to daydream your time away.

As I swung, I remembered the day my brother made the simple swing for our mom. Just a piece of board really and two ropes. But, he sanded the board down and curved the edges and stained it and made slight little indentations where your buns go. Which brings me to the funny part.

As my brother worked outside, my father came inside with a question.

Dad to Mom: Honey, is your butt wider than two feet?

Mom: What?

Dad, chuckling: Josh wants to make sure the board he got is wide enough.

Mom and I: (silent because our mouths are hanging open)

Me: How could he think her butt is wider than two feet??!

Dad, still laughing: He just wants to make sure, and he didn’t want to come in here and ask himself.

So, with measuring tape in hand, my father proceeds to measure my mother’s posterior and lo-and-behold…not two feet by a long shot.

That’s what made me smile as I swung in the swing, glad that I don’t have a two-foot wide derriere, either.




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